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My Beautycon 2019 Experience !

Hey girlies! So a few weeks ago I was so lucky to have been able to attend Beautycon NYC! It was so much fun and such a great experience all around. So, today I decided to give you guys a little run down of my weekend and what I thought about Beautycon 2019. Okay, so to start off it was Beautycon’s 5 year anniversary so they said it was going to be the best and most extra Beautycon yet, and i can definitely confirm that it was AMAZING! There were so many incredible brands, social media influencers and celebs. There were probably over 50 brands there so it was so cool to be able to see all the different products and be able to test them out in person. Some of my favorite booths and photo stations were Pixi, Fashion Nova, London Town, CVS, Palmers and Verb. A major perks of Beautycon was all the different photo stations there were. You had the opportunity to get a huge amount of content for social media, from boomerangs to photos and of course the glorious Fashion Nova runway video, you are sure to leave with content for days!

So, now to the ticket package! There were 4 different packages, the insider, the all access pass, the hauler package and finally general admission. I personally got the hauler package but I think for next year I would probably get the all access pass. I would purchase that ticket because even though with the Hauler package you were able to get in 2 hours earlier than general admission and you received a bag with tons of products worth over $200, there were still a few things that you could not do. With the All access and Insider pass you would get reserved seats at all the panels, which would be fantastic because most of them are so so so crowded and it's hard to find a seat. Especially for the panels with Manny MUA and Cardi B there were pretty much no seats available even up to 4 hours before the actual event started. Another perk to the all access and insider packages is that instead of $200 worth of products you would get $500 which is so great! Something that comes with the Insider package is that you get a ticket to attend the Beautycon after-party which is an amazing opportunity because you might have the chance to meet some of your favorite social media influencers and celebrities. You also get a front of the line pass for the booths which would absolutely come in hand because some of the lines for the booths get extremely long once general admission comes in. But honestly no matter what ticket you purchase you will have an awesome time visiting all the different brands and going to the meet and greets and panels, it will absolutely be one of the best weekends of your year!

At Beautycon there are also so so so many opportunities to meet social media influencers, your favs and celebs! I was able to meet and talk to Alisha Marie which was such a cool opportunity! I have been watching her Youtube channel for about 5 years and also love her and Remi Cruz's podcast "Pretty Basic". She helped inspire me to start my own Youtube channel (subscribe to Avery Elizabeth on Youtube lol!) After I had talked to her we took a cute boomerang I posted the boomerang to twitter. Then a few hours later I saw that Alisha retweeted the boomerang and it got like 80k views which was so crazy! Its so funny to know that someone who I have loved for so long now actually knows who I am! Two other people that I was lucky enough to be able to see were Manny MUA and Cardi B! They were both so genuine and hilarious. Cardi was so real and honest and it was really incredible to see how different she is in real life compared to how she is portrayed as a person in the media. I was pleasantly surprised when she talked to us about money management (the panel was called making money moves lol),  following our dreams, and going after what we really want in life no matter what other people say. She was in my opinion very inspiring and I loved that you could tell how passionate she was about what she was talking about!

Okay so, in conclusion I would 100% recommend Beautycon to anyone! Between meeting your favs to all the free products it is totally worth the price and you will sure to see me there next year if I have the opportunity to go again! Wishing you all an amazing and exciting day!

Oh yeah...also if you live on the West Coast or even want a little beauty filled vacay, Beacutycon LA is this summer August 10th and 11th at the Los Angeles Convention Center! :)

XOXO, Avery

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